Wes Wilson


wes-newGrowing up in a tiny fishing village on the shores of Lake Winnipeg, Wes Wilson picked up his share of fish boxes long before he ever picked up a guitar.  But, starting at age 14, it would be the guitar that would define his life. His path was the usual one….little gigs on the local stage, followed by bigger opportunities under the bright lights of Winnipeg and all points Manitoba, as well as across Ontario.

But his thirst for discovering the business and recording side of music is what would take him to Toronto in 1974, where he began working for BMI Canada (now SOCAN). His job was to help songwriters and music publishers navigate the messy waters of copyright and royalty compensation, not to mention carving out more than a few exotic voyages for himself to Nashville, where he docked his boat in more than a few famous haunts.

But, as they say, you can’t take the small town out of the boy….and when Winnipeg came calling once again in 1980, with the chance to start up an independent recording studio, Wes set sail for home. After four years as chief engineer and producer, he got the chance to “go public”.  CBC would be his home for the next 27 years as a recording engineer, audio technician and associate producer.

Now retired, his ship has done a complete 360 and he’s back doing what he loves best….pickin’ his spots….and strummin’ his stuff with bros who have the same love of music. Along the way he’s been nick-named “The Mayor”. Lips are sealed as to why. Only the band knows for sure.